When to turn to a Management and HR Advisory Services?

Although the selection of personnel is the best known of the functions of a human resources consultant, there are many other situations in which he acts.

These are some of the circumstances in which a Human Resources Advisory Services is of great help to companies of all kinds:

  • Human resources audit. These processes have a great impact on internal human resources management. The HR Strategy Consulting Mumbai analyzes how each department of the company operates and, if deemed appropriate, suggests improvements to the company if it has detected anomalies or non-compliance with policies.

  • Human Resources Advisory Services from diversity. The selection of personnel and the management of human resources needs an inclusive perspective. Successful management will make people with disabilities, people of different nationalities, different sexual orientation, etc., fully integrated into the workforce.

  • Fugue of talent. The voluntary departure of employees is one of the big problems faced by companies and their human resources departments. Based on this, it is necessary to analyze the situation and look for possible causes.

  • Detect and plan customized training for employees. Plans for professional growth and development should not be on the back burner. It is already evident that professionals who feel stuck or with the little learning curve, at least in the digital field, abandon their work to opt for a better one. The human resources specialist will evaluate what training or skills each worker needs to empower.

Finally, something that we do some Management and HR Advisory Services (one of the values that distinguish Human Direction from others) is to give candidates feedback on their performance in interviews and the preparation of their CV. Many do not know (and do not have to know) what companies expect in a first interview, nor the best way to present themselves according to current trends. That is why a Consultant, always within the field of honesty, can give candidates precise indications that can increase their attractiveness to those who seek talent for their companies.


Why small and medium businesses should outsource services of human capital management solutions

Enterprises across the world avoid subscribing multiple accounting software platforms and deploying two different point-of-sale systems. It is believed that this only increases inconveniences and makes the workload greater creating confusions. But when it comes to HR, you’ll notice that it is a common practice to use a variety of systems.

Modern HR services use a combination of digital tools. These tools are a part of human capital management solutions that helps in online recruitment and applicant tracking software. This gives them an online benefits enrolment system through their broker, and yet a separate platform for payroll.

Human capital management is a single platform that helps employers with a number of solutions under one roof. An experienced agency providing HR consulting firms in Mumbai would take you through many benefits saving a lot of money in process.

Here are some facilities that you’ll get with HCM solutions

Single platform to attract, hire and pay the employees

HCM solutions facilitate the companies with a single platform from where they are able to search, interview, hire and pay new employees. Keeping the internal operations simpler, the HCM tools also ensure that the payroll will be smooth and streamlined.

HCM tools make the HR management easy

A HCM tool when integrated in a company, it makes HR management easy. A versatile tool provides a number of facilities including –

  • Recruitment and applicant tracking
  • Onboarding
  • Payroll and time
  • Benefits enrollment
  • Training and certifications
  • Position and job management
  • Compliance reporting (EEOC, I-9, FLSA, ACA)
  • Performance and compensation management

Small and medium businesses need good HCM software because they cannot afford to lose money and time on petty employee issues. Trained HR personnel can manage the staffing related issue and easily bridge the gap between upper management and the employees.

Streamlined training and employee on boarding process

When a new employee is hired, there are a lot of formalities to be completed before they become a part of the system. Through HCM software, the HR can easily facilitate their training and introducing them to company rules.

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HR Strategy Consulting for Growth

What is HR Strategy?

A strategy is defined as a plan of action that is devised to achieve a goal. Companies evolve strategies in all areas of operations to ensure that their long-term objectives are met. One of the prime functional areas of an organization is HR. Just like in other areas, strategies are needed for the human resources processes too. These strategies would help organizations evolve the best HR practices that can help them focus on talent development and bring out the best from employees.

An HR Strategy Consulting provider would help companies evolve strategies for their HR functions. These strategies would be focused on the long-term and help to create specific action plans so that the HR goals of the organization would be met. The leading providers of Human Resources Advisory Services would assist the HR team of the organization to come out with successful strategies.

Strategy Areas

The key areas where HR Strategy Consulting can help to create action plans include:

  • Employee Engagement: Engagement with the employees is a must to understand their needs, issues, and problems. Employee feedback and structured surveys can help to engage with employees. Well-designed incentive plans are a highly useful employee engagement strategy.

  • Career advancement programs: This is important for employees as they get to understand what it needs to progress up the organization ladder. This can act as a great motivator for employees to perform well.

  • Performance management: Every employee is like an uncut diamond. Well designed HR processes can shape the uncut diamond into a sparkling stone. Businesses take the help of Human Resources Advisory Services to evolve a system that can keep track of employee performance. This would be helpful at the time of performance evaluation when there would be data available so that evaluation is done in an objective and unbiased manner. This is a great motivator for employees.

  • Compliance: This is an important area to ensure that all legal and statutory requirements are being met.

Evolving these strategies ensure that companies can work with employees to produce better results and achieve goals. This, in turn, would help the business achieve its objectives.

Solid Foundation for a Firm Begins with a Capable HR Department

An effective HR strategy is the beginning of laying a solid foundation for a capable workforce for a firm. HR services outsourcing will help a firm forget about the hassles of recruitment and think about their core business alone. The HR Strategy Consulting service provider takes into mind things like skill set needed for the work in hand, enough qualification in the subject, and adequate experience to handle the work requirements.

Compliance with Laws

The first thing an HR team will do is to help with the recruitment and placement of candidates for a job opening. Following this, they have to make sure that any change initiated by them or by the company regarding the working is put into place within the stipulated time. This means the HR team must inform the workers about these changes and make sure they follow them correctly.

Pick a good HR service provider

Choose an experienced HR Strategy Consulting service provider for your firm. An experienced HR service provider will be aware of the laws and the working methodology needed inside an organization. This helps speed up work and eliminates unnecessary friction due to lack of understanding or wrong methods.

The Human Resources Advisory Services team works to ensure worker benefits are in place and that the company is keeping employee benefits in mind all the time. The health and safety of the worker at the workplace are paramount and the team makes sure that workplace conditions are right for this. Also, when the company recommends changes, they will put all changes into place and make sure the employees are aware of them. It is vital that workers know about it and follow it and so the HR team will follow it up until all follow it.

Imparting Training and Making Reports

All the work done by the Human Resources Advisory Services will be at naught if the work group is not trained in the needed skills. An effective HR team is one that helps train and imparts the needed skills in the workers in an organization. New candidates are given this kind of training while older employees receive on-the-job training to reinforce their old skills. HR reports on the present situation and of changes needed are submitted to the company management on a weekly or monthly basis.

You secure the future of a company by recruiting the right candidates. It is up to the HR services to ensure that this is so. When you choose a good HR service provider, it ends all worries of the firm regarding its workforce. This is why firms spend so much time on their HR services.

Effective Working and Compliance of HR Functions in a Business Firm

Reality of outsourcing HR services is not limited by one specific thing alone like recruiting. In fact, it comprises a bouquet of services that redefine the functioning of other departments as well. It begins at the recruitment stage itself, when the HR consulting firms in Mumbai decide the best candidate suitable for the job opening.

Screening and placement of candidates

They screen candidates as per the criterion such as minimum education level, skill set needed to carry out the work, and experience in the field of work. By choosing the best candidates, they make sure the company benefits. We have the best HR personnel who will help you with the recruitment. The work of the HR department is not over with simply recruiting personnel but also extends to the training and placement. For this reason, Human Resources Advisory Services are now seen as an integral part of a company in every sense.

Other HRM services

The HRM services comprises of a bouquet having care for wellness and safety of all employees. This means the checking the conditions at work and making rectification where and when needed to keep up wellness and safety standards. They will also need to keep an eye out for performance standards of the workers and keep them motivated. Our HR team has the right outlook on this and is trained to keep up standards at the workplace.

A good HR team must also make sure that employee benefits are looked after. So, the work of the HR department does not stop with merely recruiting and training candidates for the job opening. Compliance with the Minimum Wages Act 1948 is necessary. This ensures minimum wages for each type of employee, in each sector and occupation. HR Department then makes an effort to improve the payroll process through better deployment of personnel and making adjustments to the time schedule.

Choose the best HR service provider

You get one of the best hr consulting firms in Mumbai by recruiting us because we are the leaders in this field. We have years of experience in providing Human Resources Advisory Services for a large of small and big companies.

Effectiveness in recruitment is but the stepping stone for higher goals and achievements. So, it is worthwhile paying some attention and time to this particular niche. You may go places if you have the right orientation at the beginning itself. Businesses of all sizes need this service so a firm must make sure that they outsource to a good HR company.


Pros and cons of hiring employees on a contractual basis

Contractual hiring has been a part of the industry for a long long time. Every business organization, from IT to logistics and even medicine and pharma prefers bringing in talent on contractual basis, especially when a certain project is needed to be delivered on time and value.

Third party HR strategy consulting give a lot of emphasis on contractual staffing because it is cost efficient and cheaper. But at the same time, there are certain risks involved that many tend of ignore.

You can always turn to companies providing human resources advisory services for contractual staff, but the list below will tell you about some of the cons attached with contractual staffing.


  1. Contractual staff members only care about delivering the project and nothing else
  2. They are already experienced and no funds are needed to be spent for their training or growth
  3. Hiring a contractual staff member is really cheaper compared to a full time employee. Their contractual payment is often less than an overall package of a permanent staff
  4. They bring an outside perceptive to the business and it proves really beneficial when it comes to mentorship of the team these contractual staff members are working with


  1. Contractual staff is not bounded by the rules of the company. They don’t have any stakes in promotion or performance so they don’t really become a part of the project and often deliver half baked projects.
  2. Since contractual staff only joins a company to deliver a single project, they usually don’t contribute to anything else and it is not beneficial for the business
  3. Their hiring are bonded by legal clauses. One must remain clear on all fronts so that there is no trouble like lawsuits or legal proceedings in case the contractual employee fails to deliver.
  4. Letting these professionals used to the work environment may take time

More and more professionals are moving towards contract hiring and staffing. There are many benefits but often proves costly and confusing to both parties. After proper understanding of every necessary details you should make sure that is it really favourable to go with contractual hiring or a full time employee will prove equally beneficial. Both types of hiring can be managed by an expert HR Strategy consulting company which will help in recruiting best talent.

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Key services that you get when you outsource HR advisory services

hr advisory services in mumbai

Many Indian companies use HR as if it s the solution to all the employee and performance related issues. When the role of internal HR stays limited to payroll and hiring, the upper management starts worrying about the performance and motivation buildup of the staff.
To resolve this problem, many enterprises hire or outsource human resources advisory services. These experts provide HR based solutions on contractual basis and their experience helps businesses in developing a growing work culture in the internal systems of a company.
So what happens when HR services are outsourced? Here are some of the key changes that you’ll notice.
Easy hiring and talent acquisition
Third party HR services have a huge and strong network that helps in easy hiring and generating payroll. Talent acquisition is a costly process and it can end up churning out a lot of funds especially if it is an organization in its growing phase. With employee hiring managed by a third party, the funds are expected to be saved because of bulk hiring programs. The funds which are saved can be used for something better.
Leadership development
Management and HR advisory services also arrange facilities for leadership development. Many businesses around the world outsource HR management services to properly look after leadership management program. This development program identifies the talents from a work environment who have a natural leadership skill. These talents are polished to become better leaders who will take the business to new heights. At the same time, the employees who don’t possess these skills are also trained to become better professionals and eventually gain more confidence in acquiring leadership skills.
HR Strategy and consulting
Under this program, the HR company partners with their clients to create a value of the brand. The aim of every strategy program is to work on the capabilities of these companies and help them prepare themselves for catapulting to higher levels of performance excellence. This is done by working on fields like skill set, gaps and growth paths of existing talent pool and then a plan is made to leverage all strengths. The ultimate aim is to develop an integrated talent management framework.
With such facilities, the businesses around the world are destined to grow and become better in their field. For more details on best HR advisory services in Mumbai, feel free to contact Circular Angle.